5 Signs That Show You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

3. Feet and skin problems.
Excessive sugar consumption can cause eczema, rosacea or acne. That is because sugar can cause inflammation in the body. Removing sugar from your diet may help you solve this problem. According to Dr. S. Green, a podiatrist from New York, the main culprit for Plantar fasciitis is sugar. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes pain in the heels and feet. Fatigue and dark circles under the eyes can also be caused by excessive sugar consumption.


4. Weight gain.
What is important to keep in mind is that too much sugar is equivalent to too many calories. This is because sugar does not contain proteins or fibres. Insulin resistance and weight gain can be caused by excessive insulin production due to excessive sugar intake.

5. Regular flu and cold.
If you regularly suffer from flu or a cold, you may be eating too much sugar. By consuming too much sugar, your body is less able to effectively fight off flu and colds, and your immune system is also weakened.

If you experience the symptoms listed above, you should try to limit the intake of sugar as soon as possible, in order to improve your health and avoid numerous health issues.